Built-in Ventilated Rain-Screen

Cedar Shingle Ventilated Rain-screen IllustrationThe Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System includes Ventilation Ridges on the back of the shingles that provide a gap between courses, and between shingles and the housewrap or underlayment. This built-in ventilation helps prevents moisture related mold and decay fungi in several ways:

  • Provides a capillary break between shingle layers, which isolates moisture to the top layer, allowing faster drying to prevent decay.
  • Prevents trapped moisture between shingle layers which helps prevent cupping that occurs when the sun dries the surface of the shingle while the back is still wet.
  • Functions as a rain-screen that prevents trapped moisture betweeen the siding and the sheathing
  • De-pressurizes solar vapor drive, allowing water vapor to vent to the exterior rather than being forced through the vapor permeable housewrap and into the wall.
  • Ventilation ridges also function as baffles that prevents windblown precipitation from moving sideways, between shingles layers, to underlying joints.

As a true shingle system Ecoshel provides excellent protection in extreme weather, with the shingles functioning as multiple layers of drainage planes, each directing moisture back to the exterior. Ecoshel is a highly weatherproof roofing installation, even when installed as siding. It is also continuously ventilated throughout the entire surface to accelerate drying and prevent decay.



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