Code-Perfect Joint Placement

Just Match the Numbers from Course to Course for Perfect Joint Placement


Cedar shingle siding is the only conventional siding that is sufficiently weatherproof that it also provides excellent roofing. Shingle systems are unique in that they provide 3 layers of weather barriers, and each layer redirects precipitation back to the surface. However, cedar shingles must be installed properly to provide this higher level of protection.


Codes for installing cedar shingle roofing require that all joints in the next two courses be offset from the joints in the current course. The minimum offset for adjacent courses is 1-1/2 inches. Meeting this requirement, when installing cedar shingles conventionally, is very tedious and time consuming, and is often ignored or compromised, resulting in leaks.


Ecoshel Cedar Shingle Installation with proper joint spacing to codeCedar Shingle Installation, with improper joint offsets, not to code


The Ecoshel Cedar Shingle System provides superior weatherproofing for both roofing and siding applications. Just matching up guide numbers from course to course insures that all joints are properly offset as required by building codes for cedar shingles installation.



Ecoshel Cedar Shingle Panels.  Offset Joints for Cedar Shingle Siding and Cedar Shingle Roofing
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