Ecoshel Provides Extreme Weather Protection

Leakproof Design For Both Roofing and Siding Prevents Mold and Decay.


In extreme weather, exterior wall coverings must perform as well as roofing to prevent leaks from wind driven rain or snow. Wind pressure replaces gravity to force precipitation through any available opening, including laps and nail holes in housewrap.


Significant amounts of water can be drawn further into the wall by capillary action, and as water vapor, resulting in mold and decay, which shortens the life of the structure and creates an unhealthy living environment. In fact, during the recent hurricanes in Florida, the vast majority of homes were destroyed by mold and rot in saturated walls, not by wind related structural damage.


Even with less extreme weather, the life of the structure is often determined by how much moisture has become trapped inside the walls, leading to mold and decay that makes restoration impractical.


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