Ecoshel and the Environment

Ecoshel is committed to developing building systems that preserve our environment and its resources, while providing healthy homes that will last for generations. This means developing durable, energy efficient building systems, using non-toxic, renewable resources.

Wood is the only conventional siding and roofing material that is a renewable resource, and the manufacturing process for wood uses far less energy, and creates much less pollution, than manufacturing processes for other siding and roofing products. Wood is also biodegradeable, while other building products become a permanent addition to landfills, or a source of toxic waste. The cedar used in the Ecoshel System comes from salvaged logs from well managed forests. Ecoshel Premium FCP is produced using wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The Ecoshel Cedar Shingle System contributes significantly to energy efficiency, not just because cedar is a good insulator, but also because the system keeps insulation dry. In addition, thermal breaks in an Ecoshel installation reduce the transfer of heat between the shingles and the underlying sheathing. On a hot day, the sheathing under Ecoshel Cedar Shingles can be up to 40 degrees F cooler than sheathing under asphalt/fiberglass shingles.

While the use of renewable, non-toxic, and energy efficient resources is important, it is also important to build homes that last for centuries, not decades. Building homes with a life span of 40 or 50 years is a horrible waste of energy and resources. The key to a healthy, durable home is to keep the structure dry. If a house is otherwise properly maintained, the single most important factor that will determine the life span of the structure is the performance of the weather barriers.

By combining the highest quality cedar shingles with optimal installation and enhanced ventilation, the Ecoshel Cedar Shingle System provides a beautiful classic appearance, and the best possible protection from moisture related decay.







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