Advantages of Pre-finished Cedar Shingles:

Prefinished Cedar Shingles

Pre-finished Cedar Shingles provide the highest quality finish at the lowest cost. Pre-finishing provides many advantages over finishing in the field, at about half the cost. Always choose pre-finished cedar shingles for sidewall applications. Choose any color stain, semi-transparent to solid, from top quality manufacturers, or pre-finish with a tinted high performance primer.

  • Coating the front, back, and edges of the shingles seals out moisture to prevent cupped shingles and insure a long lasting finish.
  • Pre-finished shingles are coated in areas of the shingles that overlap when they are installed, providing a more complete seal against moisture.
  • Finishes perform best and last the longest when applied to sanded wood, before it has weathered. Ecoshel Cedar Shingles are coarse sanded for greater finish penetration.
  • Finishes adhere better to kiln dried wood than to "green" wood. All Ecoshel Cedar Shingles are kiln dried and are protected from moisture before and after the pre-finishing process.
  • Pre-finishing provides the most uniform coverage and eliminates drips, sags, and lap marks.
  • Factory finishing provides a controlled environment that insures ideal conditions for finish application and curing. Direct sun, rain, and temperature can severely degrade the quality of field applied finishes. Pre-finished cedar shingles can be installed in any season, in any weather.
  • Ecoshel Cedar Shingle-strips are ideal for pre-finishing because they require very little cutting, which exposes unfinished edges that need to be touched-up.
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