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Extreme Weather Protection

In extreme weather, siding must perform as well as roofing to prevent leaks from wind driven precipitation. Wind pressure forces water through any openings in the siding. Capillary action and solar vapor drive enable the water to penetrate further into the wall.


With typical siding, just one extreme weather event can result in saturated walls, providing an ideal environment for mold and decay fungi within the walls.


As the only conventional siding that can also be used as roofing, shingles provide excellent protection in extreme weather. Shingles function as multiple layers of drainage planes, with each layer directing water back to the surface, creating a highly weatherproof barrier.


However, shingles only work when properly installed. If joints in adjacent courses are aligned, an opening is created that enables moisture to begin penetrating the wall.


Ecoshel is a very weatherproof system that provides the best protection in extreme weather. The installation system automatically offsets all joints  from the joints in the next  2 courses, as required by code for roofing installations, with a minimum offset of 1-1/2" for adjacent courses.


The built-in ventilation system provides additional extreme weather protection by preventing capillary action between shingle layers, and by allowing the assembly to dry out faster.


The ventilation ridges on the back of the shingles also function as baffles that prevent wind blown precipitation from moving sideways between shingle layers to underlying keyway joints.


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