Pre-Assembled Cedar Shingles

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Cedar Shingles LEED Installation

Calculate Coverage

Ecoshel will do a take-off from your plans or drawings to determine how much product you need to order. For restoration work, we can usually determine how much you need from photographs. Email plans and / or photos to

1.  Measure the house to determine the square footage.

Subtract for door and window areas.

Add one course to the height because the first course is doubled.

For gables, add about 1 foot to the base and height for angled cut waste.

Add 3-5% percent for general waste, depending on the complexity of the job.

Ecoshel cut-offs are used at the beginning and end courses, so there is very little waste.


2.  Convert area in square feet to area in "squares".

Siding and roofing is purchased in squares. One square = 100 square feet.


3.  Determine the "exposure" you will use.

Exposure is the height of each course - how much height of the shingles will show.

Maximum recommended roofing exposure for 18" shingles is 5-1/2".

Maximum recommended siding exposure for 18" shingles is 7-1/2".

Maximum recommended roofing exposure for 24" Tapersawn Shakes is 7".

A larger exposure will require less product which lowers the cost.


Cedar Shingles LEED Installation
Cedar Shingles LEED Installation


Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles LEED Installation

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