Cedar Shingle Installation, Cedar Shingle panels, installation video

Two nails per shingle




Any exposure up to 7-1/2"

All joints are offset at least 1-1/2"

over the next 2 courses.

Fast, Easy, Perfect Installation

The Ecoshel Cedar Shingle System uses full size, 18" R&R, kiln dried, premium quality, western red cedar shingles.

The shingles are prefabricated as 48” Shingle-Strips, for a faster, higher quality installation.


The Installation System automatically offsets all joints over 3 courses, as required by code.

Just align either edge of the first shingle-strip in each course with any 12, 24, or 36” mark in the previous course.  Then continue installing shingle-strips to the left and right to complete the course. Jumping across a window? - Just align the first panel with the same number used on the other side.


Shingles are connected to each other using clips that expand and contract. There is no backer-board.

The shingle-strip pattern varies to provide a true random widths appearance.


Strips can be easily cut at joints with a knife. Partial panels are used to start and finish courses, resulting in very little waste (3-4%). Individual shingles are easily separated from the shingle-strips for detail work and corners.


For fast, authentic, woven corners, use the prefabricated Ecoshel Corner Unit, a precision crafted, random width corner, that makes it possible to install just one wall at a time, while still offsetting all joints on both sides of the corner.


Ecoshel is also available as a tapersawn shake, a thicker profile often used for roofing. The Ecoshel Tapersawn Shake uses the same installation system as the shingle system, and has all of the same performance features.


For complete installation details, see the roofing and siding instructions, and the installation videos.


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Ecoshel Cedar Shingle System

"The new smart way to install cedar shingles."

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